Entry Form

Rules: Technologies that are eligible for a 2017 Sports Medicine Technology Awards must be:

  1. Any device or biomaterial that was developed to improve the care of patients with sports injuries
  2. The owners of the technology must have applied for patent protection within 36 months prior to the awards presentation (after July 7, 2014)
  3. The technology must have been used in humans (clinical studies or other)
  4. It need NOT be either FDA cleared or approved
  5. If FDA approved or cleared, such approval or clearance was received NO MORE than 12 months before the awards presentation


  1. A product may be entered in any one of the 3 categories – as applicable.
  2. Please fill in the 2-page cover sheet as provided. Avoid deviating from or modifying the submission form as that may cause it to be returned to you.
  3. Maximum number of supporting documents is 4 pages, including text and graphics. These can be articles, brochures, marketing material—not to exceed 6 pages total – including the 2-page cover sheet.

Submission deadline is Friday, May 19, 2017 – which is a REAL deadline!