Entry Guidelines

The Orthopedics This Week Sports Medicine Technology Awards recognize exemplary and innovative sports medicine products and the engineering teams and inventors who
create them.

Who May Enter:

Inventors (and companies who’ve developed a new product which may improve patient outcomes from sports medicine technology may enter this contest. Rules: Technologies that are eligible for a 2017 Sports Medicine Technology Awards must be:

  1. Any device, biomaterial or biologic product that was developed to improve the care of patients with sports-related injuries or disease
  2. The owners of the technology must have applied for patent protection within 36 months prior to the awards presentation (after July 7, 2014)
  3. The technology must have been used in humans (clinical studies or other)
  4. It need NOT be either FDA cleared or approved
  5. If FDA approved or cleared, such approval or clearance was received NO MORE than 12 months before the awards presentation

Extra_WebsiteImages_Entry4How to Enter:

Companies should select the category or categories in which their technology should be judged. Submissions for more than one category are acceptable.

  • Please include one completed entry form for each technology and category
  • Up to 4 pages of support documentation is acceptable
  • All entries become the property of RRY Publications, LLC

Submission Deadlines:

May 19, 2017 — All Submissions Due
Early July 2017 —Winners Announced
July 20 – 23, 2017 — Awards will be presented at the AOSSM meeting in Toronto

Judging will be based on originality, clinical relevance and likelihood that this technology can improve current standards of care. The Sports Medicine Award panel includes leading sports medicine physicians.

Awards and Recognition:

Awards will be announced late mid-June and awards will be personally distributed in Toronto, July 20-23, 2017. All winners will be featured in a special edition of Orthopedics This Week and their profiles will be posted on the Orthopedics This week website (www.ryortho.com). Each winning company will be granted permission to post the profiles of their winning teams on their company websites and to distribute freely.

For an entry form or for more information contact:

Suzanne Kirchner, at suzanne@ryortho.com or call 501-251-1797 or 1-888-749-2153